Our Community Resource Guide is distributed by TIP Volunteers on scenes of tragedy, at no cost, to citizens experiencing a crisis. To better assist our community, we have made it available electronically.


This information is offered for information purposes only and the Community Resource Guide should not be copied or reproduced. Furthermore, the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc. does not recommend or endorse the agencies, organizations, or services listed in the Community Resource Guide.


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To navigate the guide, find the appropriate category below and enter the number at the top of the PDF Viewer to the right, or scroll to see all the contents.



Crisis Resources, Page 6

Crisis Hotlines, Page 6

Addiction, Page 8

Animal and Pet, Page 9

Biohazard Clean-up/Board Up, Page 9

Children's Resources, Page 10

Counseling, Page 13

Domestic Violence, Page 14

Donor Services, Page 15

Food, Clothing, and Shelter, Page 15

Legal Services, Page 16

Senior Services, Page 17

Support Groups, Page 18

Veteran Services, Page 19

Victim Services, Page 20

Emergency Response Agencies, Page 21

Hospitals, Page 23

Government Agencies, Page 25

Transportation, Page 26

Airlines, Page 26

Car Rental, Page 27

Taxicab Services, Page 28

Public Transportation/Other, Page 28

When a Death Occurs (Most Common Steps), Page 29

Seeking Professional Help, Page 30

Mortuaries and Funeral Homes, Page 31

About the Coroner’s Office, Page 33

Reading Material and Checklists, Page 35

What NOT to Say, Page 38

Funeral Guidelines, Page 40

Final Details, Page 42

Miscellaneous, Page 46

Recap/Checklist, Page 49

Resources in Spanish - En Español, Page 50

About TIP, Page 56

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