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Emotional Support Meeting for Groups and Businesses

Helping your team in the aftermath of tragedy.

What is an Emotional Support Meeting?

There are many times a business, organization, or community group will contact our organization requesting we respond to talk to employees, co-workers, or friends of someone who has recently died. This is an important part of acknowledging and validating someone's experience and equally important for one's mental health and long-term recovery. 

The Emotional Support Meeting is designed to allow those affected to discuss their traumatic situation, grief, or other experience in a safe and comfortable environment. 

What are some important things to know about an Emotional Support Meeting?

At the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc., our specialty is responding to scenes of trauma and providing support to those affected on the scene, during the investigation. In an effort to provide our community with excellent support and understanding that the options are limited, we have chosen to offer this service; however, there are some things to know:

  • Emotional Support is not a replacement for professional counseling or therapy and volunteers are not clinicians.

  • TIP volunteers do not diagnose, develop a treatment plan, or analyze someone's current state. 

  • This service is provided free of charge; however, a donation is common to cover the cost of resources and planning.

  • We are unable to accommodate all requests and the decision to respond is at the sole discretion of the organization.

  • This service is only available to groups, business, and community organizations — not individuals or families.

What takes place at a typical meeting?

Each group has different needs so the format will vary. The best method for your group will be discussed. Typically, we recommend a group meeting to discuss the event and go over some common reactions - and then allowing time for one-on-one discussions.

Who will respond?

Trained volunteers from the TIP will respond. These individuals have been trained in emotional first aid and crisis support. They have been vetted and have completed an intense training and field training period before they are able to respond to this unique situations.

How do I set this up?

Please complete the request form below and a member of our staff will be in touch with you.

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