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5 Things We Love on Valentine's Day...

Since Valentine's Day is centered around love, we wanted to share five things that we love, with you. 1. We love our volunteers. This may go without saying, but our amazing team of just over 70 volunteers handled 1,411 scenes of tragedy in 2015 - they commit to over 36 hours a month (including a minimum of 3 12 hour on-call shifts and a 3-hour monthly meeting.) Their dedication is inspirational. 2. We love our local emergency responders who ensure the citizens of Clark County receive the emotional and practical support they need by requesting our volunteers to their scenes. Emergency responders look at our volunteers as an addition to their team. Compassionate teamwork at its finest. 3. We love the citizens we are called to be with who allow our volunteers into their sacred space – their pit of tragedy – their personal disaster. We are honored to have been able to assist 7,279 citizens in 2015. 4. We love the mission of TIP. Providing emotional and practical support is not an easy job, but we love that we have been doing this for over 20 years in Las Vegas and are respected and looked at as the 'experts' in the field. 5. Finally, we love our supporters who help develop the financial backbone of our organization, educate our community, and cheer us on from the sidelines. Without you, numbers 1-4 of this list would not be possible. You play a big role on each scene without even being there.

Happy Valentine's Day.

About the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc. The Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that those who are emotionally traumatized in emergency situations receive the assistance they need. TIP works closely with local emergency respond agencies who request well-trained citizen volunteers to emergency scenes to assist family members, witnesses, and other bystanders directly on-scene, during the investigation. Click here for more information.

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